Check out Glassboard β€” it’s free for iPhone, Android, and on the web for private group sharing. We wrote it.

Sepia Labs launches

Good morning. We’re Sepia Labs. Nice to meet you too.

You don’t know us because we’re new. Well, sort of new. Sepia Labs is a software company comprised of a few folks who have some history in the software business, notably Brent Simmons, the creator of NetNewsWire, and Nick Bradbury, creator of FeedDemon and TopStyle. Together with Nick Harris, Jenny Blumberg, Brian Reischl and myself (Walker Fenton) – we have started this new venture called Sepia Labs.

We are spinning off from NewsGator Technologies, Inc, we are the team that was largely responsible for NewsGator’s consumer facing business.

Our mission at Sepia Labs is simple. First and foremost, we want to make great software. We want our software to provide instant utility, to be good looking, fast, and fun to use. Our first product, Glassboard, reflects this mission, and we hope you’ll agree.

Glassboard is an app focused on sharing. Yes, a bit like Facebook or Twitter, but we take privacy seriously. “Know who you’re sharing with” is the tagline. And we mean it.

Glassboard is launching in July. If you would like to keep posted, head over to and give us your email. We won’t spam you or share your email with anyone else. We’ll just let you know when the app is ready.

Thanks for visiting.

Written by Walker Fenton