About Sepia Labs

Sepia Labs is made up of former employees of NewsGator Technologies, including Brent Simmons (NetNewsWire, MarsEdit, TapLynx) and Nick Bradbury (FeedDemon, TopStyle, HomeSite). The team has always been focused on making great software, and as NewsGator moved away from consumer products we decided to embark on our own.

Meet the Sepians…

Brent Simmons

Brent is a Cocoa developer from Seattle. He created NetNewsWire (now owned by Black Pixel), MarsEdit (now owned by Red Sweater Software), and TapLynx (now owned by push.io).

He is a sought-after speaker for Mac and iOS conferences, covering topics such as web services and managing a common code base. He writes a personal weblog at inessential.com and he’s on Twitter as brentsimmons.

Nick Bradbury

Nick is a former cartoonist who created the world-famous programs HomeSite, TopStyle and FeedDemon. The Sepia Labs team was thrilled to ask Nick to join them, where he picked up Android development and produced the Glassboard app for Android in a matter of months.

Nick’s personal blog is at nick.typepad.com, and he’s on Twitter as nbradbury.

Walker Fenton

Walker began his career in the Internet working for Netcom Online Communications, the first nationwide dial-up Internet Service Provider, and has since been involved with several start-ups including dbDoctor, Inc. and Xaffire, Inc. Walker received a BA in Economics from Colby College and has an MBA from Regis University.

As the leader of the Sepians, Walker’s blog is aptly called Hair on Fire, and he’s on Twitter as walkerfenton.

Nick Harris

Nick Harris joined NewsGator in April of 2005, taking over development of NewsGator Outlook Edition as it was transitioning to version 2.5 which included the first release of the NewsGator RSS Sync Webservices. Since then Nick has been involved in anything NewsGator client application facing.

Nick’s blog is http://nickharris.wordpress.com and is on Twitter as nick_harris.

Brian Reischl

Originally from Wisconsin, Brian escaped the frozen upper-Midwest in 2002. After developing large-scale IT applications for Qwest and Dish Network he moved to NewsGator in 2006. Since then he has contributed to nearly every server-side product at NewsGator, including the RSS sync API, content aggregation servers, and NewsGator Editor’s Desk, among others. Most recently he has been diving head-first into cloud computing on Microsoft’s Azure platform. Brian’s blog is BeaKeR’s brain and he is on Twitter as brianreischl.

Despite whatever gossip you may have heard from other Sepians, Brian is not an emotionless robot. He is actually an emotionless cyborg. Please make a note of it.

Jenny Blumberg

Jenny is a former web developer who moved to Colorado from Utah in 2007. She has been providing technical support at NewsGator since then, assisting customers of the widget framework, API, TapLynx, and now mobile products. She writes documentation and manages the websites, and also acts as cruise director for the team, ensuring that anyone who wants to visit Denver and meet the Sepians has a great time. No one has been arrested. Yet.

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